Tips For Creating The Perfect Image

The world if filled with imagery.  We create imagery with words when we read a book, we create visual imagery with paint and pen and we can manipulate imagery with lights and shadows.  With this in mine the job of a design director brooklyn ny is to really take in all of these aspects of the world we live in and crate a specific scene that the audience will believe.


Color is a great way to set a mood.  If the scene has harsh colors we can feel the sense of anxiety and stress.  Cool blues can make us feel cold and everything else can be a different tone in between.  When using colors you want to use opposite colors.  You can find these colors by looking at a color wheel.


Shadows will add depth and reality to your work.  When we have a scene that has no shadows it will feel flat and lifeless.  However, if we add shadows in different areas and at different angles, we can quickly add a sense of realism to our world.

Curves and angles

Use curves and angles in your work will also add a sense of dimension.  If you see a staircase that goes straight up and down then you will have one set of feelings and emotions whereas if you have a curved staircase you will have a totally different feeling.

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Look at the materials used in your scene.  Are you using stone and brick or metal and wood?  The materials used will help to tell a story and to help move the viewer on to the next level of believability.  When deciding on materials to use they have to fit into that universe.  For example, you don’t want to have a wooden staircase on a starship.  You want metal or some other type of futuristic material.

Combining it all together

It is the job of the director to put all of this together.  Failure to do any one part of it will cause the entire project to fall apart.

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